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One of my favorite's gotta be the Scarlet Devil Mansion members' goblin scene. I'd took my time getting close to each of them, marry them, then when the goblins came, let them be taken by the goblins and get their respective scenes. I mean yeah those scenes were pretty hot, but not if any of those girls were my waifu. God damn it man. I'm currently on my first playthrough of eratohok and Cute dd ebony innerworld losing me in the upper right.

I did alright in the beginning but then I spent 20 rounds fugging a prisoner and now this happened. I've only got 92k soldiers and the cute dd ebony innerworld force keeps throwing 40k soldier forces at me. I probably won't try to salvage it, but what's to be learned?

Is it simply better to wait with playing around excessively until you control a majority of the map? I could probably be a lot more effective with officer training and priorities on my second try, though. Diplomacy is important. Make allies with your neighbours and use them as shields, or call a ceasefire when you're surrounded by more than one hostile faction.

Try not to overextend too, because the more you expand the more enemies you may be open to. You can sabotage enemy factions by nightcrawling them or ambushing them in an event.

Check your map often and see which faction is gaining an upper hand, then make moves against it if you can afford to. If you have high quality officers and a lower number of troops, you can play slowly and defensively. The AI likes to rush like a retard, so if you can take chokepoints and hold them, you will eventually capture a large portion of enemy officers, which will give you the upper hand in battles and diplomacy.

I'll definitely consider these, thanks. Never nightcrawled cute dd ebony innerworld points didn't seem to go up for some reason? I rolled my new guy with high diplomacy skill and I'll try to focus on that with him. The writing is shit too. Just a point to note, nightcrawling is best done against factions with officers you don't want to waifu, because what you do is go in there and rape them until they break, and maybe film it and release the video to their citizens.

Diplomacy also has a number of factors, like the relationship between the two factions how much you've fought, how many officers of theirs you've captured, how you've treated said officers. You can increase friendship with dick, money, or releasing their officers back to them. It kind of bothers me cute dd ebony innerworld you cute dd ebony innerworld choose how you want to dick them during diplomacy, and also how some virgin officers will just let you go and fuck them and maybe even knock them up no matter what the relationship is.

I haven't done an "intended" way of playing eratohoK in quite awhile because it pretty much always ends up in one 2hu getting incredibly stronk and raping your only strong army with a lot of decent ones only to hammer you down later with her main force unless you do some diplomacy magic or she gets the "top bully" award and everyone gangs up on her and even then it's not guaranteed that they are strong enough for that.

It comes with insane benefits like:. RIP Seija and Nue. So needless to say, it's incredibly easy to defend. Main way cute dd ebony innerworld get girls is through diplomacy and nightcrawling. Fortunately if you can't get anyone good there is always that event with Mamizou which allows you to imprison her.

Training is also usually quite straightforward too: Give it a few days so cute dd ebony innerworld her A sens rises but as soon as she starts climaxing from that you are basically cute dd ebony innerworld. If you get first stage mind break reload or leave her for a few days. Maybe there are some other commands that work too but this one seems to be the best mix between being efficient and not draining cute dd ebony innerworld sanity too low.

When you get 1. Now you just want to find some neighbouring country that is going to stay your neighbour long enough for you to enslave the leader and the leader is not too smart or too bitchy. Since that girl you send is your obedient slave she is going to help you nightcrawl to anyone in the country you sent her so you go for either the leader or someone cute dd ebony innerworld higher points. And so you basically keep on doing that and spread your influence around. Sucking the economical and military power from big tits indian girl shanaya nude in home jaccuzi naked countries you enslaved through diplomacy demand some high ranking officer maybe even give them one of yours and trade for money or economical strength, it's stronger than just demanding them straight.

If you really want to get some country that is far away just have a cute dd ebony innerworld neighbour surrender and just give that country a neighbouring tile. Always give them cute dd ebony innerworld away, just live in your capital of hate. You don't even need to do all that cute dd ebony innerworld jumbo with diplomacy and just wait for mostly everyone be imprisoned as they suicide their armies against your city but that's quite boring and will require you to go and create an army at some point and ACTUALLY get outside of your glorious fort.

I agree completely with your assessment. The content is actually not even there, it's non-existent.

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I mean, since we don't consider the basic "She sucked your dick" content. I never tried one province minor but you can literally win with any faction while playing wide too.

It's not difficult at all. I think the most important thing in Tohok is simply to concentrate force. Don't split units, put all your soldiers and three perfect officers into a giant doomstack. Don't have long borders that bring you into conflict with lots of strong cute dd ebony innerworld at once. If your position is bad, cute dd ebony innerworld simply go conquering in a different direction and allow your original cities to be swallowed up.

Only fight battles you need to fight against enemies you need to fight. This is why the retarded 1-city strategy works. If you're resigned to only having one city, then you'll never be tempted to make the mistake of being defeated piecemeal while trying cute dd ebony innerworld hold onto every scrap of territory. Favorability of at leastReliability of at leastand Intimacy of at least Is it possible to have raw sex with a toho that's raising a child in eratw? She keeps refusing because she doesn't want to raise two at the same time or something.

I'm having a problem in cute dd ebony innerworld, I'm a close friend with kagerou with a favorability over but and we're lovers but she still doesn't have love or truelove, what's the condition to get love? Sure, but the people who want to mod it have a poor track record of delivering. I tried to do cute dd ebony innerworld but it's still only letting me make addition touhous my concubines, what gives? Can someone fix the Devil Survivor route so that it doesn't cancel based on time?

No matter what I do after unlocking Dungeon 4 I get locked out because it ends the day after I enter Dungeon 5 and you can't enter two dungeons in the same day.

There was an option added cute dd ebony innerworld time cute dd ebony innerworld that should disable all or cute dd ebony innerworld of those timelimits.

It's in the git-version. Did you try that option? That aside, why would you have to enter two dungeons at the same time? When do dungeon 4 and 5 unlock? I looked in the dark skinned ebony girl white dude and from what I saw you only get locked out of dungeon 4 after clearing it.

And I haven't seen anything that can re-lock dungeon 5 after unlocking it. I didn't see any time limit.

What are the dungeons called? The dungeon number is the one between the [ ]. If you start fucking her in her sleep, she won't stop you when she cute dd ebony innerworld up. Just make sure she was already well rested before going to bed, so she doesn't end the sex to go to sleep. I might just not be seeing what I can do to prevent that event from appearing, in which case I just need to know what I need to do.

How do you get the other leaders to ask for your body? Do I need to nightcrawl them enough to get addicted to your dick? That is the reason why no one enjoys the game very much. They just want to fuck 2hus without the consequences of cute dd ebony innerworld a kingdom in the middle of a war. Not conquering shit is boring for me.

You can just focus on actually managing your kingdom and ignore the lewd stuff, but you're missing the whole point of the game. Personally, I never have any problem with playing the game the "intended" way, and i managed to conquer all of Gensokyo twice!

One tip: Get into anyone cute dd ebony innerworld one kingdom's good sides, and then attack that kingdom. Oh, and another thing: And then you won't have as many troops as if you're taking your dear time.

The gamer mechanics was something I assumed would be in though, so it kind of kills my desire to check it out. Multiple traits. I wouldn't describe Megaten as anywhere near being a playable state of translation. Last time I tried it as soon as I tried to grab a tit it started spitting runes at me. Being cute dd ebony innerworld it's also by far the most complex era game by at least 3 orders of magnitude, it becomes an exercise in self harm.

Eratoho Lig is fairly translated, it seems to be similar to TW but instead of time stop powers you can mass drug everyone into lesbian orgies. Tentacle Palace is behind, but with translation aggregator it's sufficient to understand what's going on.

One of the games that gives the most freedom about which fetishes you want. I got as far as marrying a 2hu who I fucked so much she constantly gets horny from just talking kristen stewart leaked hot pics the weather.

Attempting to seduce a different 2hu is just a slog and way too slow, how do you manage your orgies? It was new camcorder doggy for my wife creamy pussy while ago but IIRC you have to wait until there's a party, them serve them all tea pumped full of whatever the aphrodisiacs are called in this game.

It takes a few times of doing this before there are visible results but some of the horniness stays permanent so eventually they'll start fucking each other in public.

You can turn off the NTR cute dd ebony innerworld don't worry. I'm just trying to figure out how to get to the Netori part of the game.

I ended up with Daiyousei raping Cirno everyday until she liked cute dd ebony innerworld, now I'd like to swoop in and do some raping of my own but I think Busty bbw beauty plays with her soaking wet pussy for you missing an option somewhere.

I thought it was like some kind cute dd ebony innerworld communal game where peoples adds the stuff they wanted to see in the game. Ho, so it isn't translated enough to be played, well guess i'll just have to wait. You do run into an event in Japanese every now and then but it's rather rare. Think of Sengoku Rance but it's all text, the strategy side is stripped to the bones but the fucking side is beefed up into the most advanced interactive fucking simulator the world has ever seen.

Well it was per most cute dd ebony innerworld translated. That I knew about. Nobody's really working on it right now and since the Chinese language is awful maybe nobody ever will. Someone might get the UI finished enough that people who use clipboard translators can muddle through, but that's the most I'd expect. It's fun just to have it hosted, the Japs are afraid to go anywhere near it because of IP law. Just try the game, it's like 2mb and you don't have to install it.

There's some screenshots in the new player pastebin. In EraTohoK, you get actions you or anyone else can use once at a time or continue as long as you want to engineer the most compicated orgy known to man. I mean, i already played thousands of text-based games, but little white characters on a black font.

I couldn't find in which erb file exactly it is written. What would still need a lot of work is mostly the dialoge both in dungeons and during 'training'. However, a good part of that has been translated as well. So it's definitely playable, you might run into runes though which you can then translate via googe or something like it, using the clipboard. In eratohoK I wanted to mess around with the explore button to make it so that you could explore more than once per turn.

However I've been unable to find the relevant code, does anyone here know where it is? Still there for me.

Unless you mean something else… I don't think much of that game is translated at all though and I doubt anyone is working on it. Depends on how degenerate cute dd ebony innerworld are from vanilla missionary sex while kissing for the sake of procreation to fucked up bestiality while punching the shit out of her literally. One word of advice, use the god damn readme if you don't want to get laughed at later. So what's this new ambition stat do? If I black girl deeply inseminated by four white men it to is that good or bad.?

It's still in the git for me but I can upload it elsewhere if you really can't get it. All the menus are translated. All common actions are translated. All options are translated. And it's not a machine translation, it's well done. Most third person sexual actions and conversations are not translated but the language seems to be simple enough that the translation aggregator does a really good job of cute dd ebony innerworld.

You need to use an account that is part of the era group to access the protontr project and a few others. Some guy have the bright idea to use yukari pictures. There is nothing in there, cute dd ebony innerworld a direct zip of my own copy of the game with my saves taken out, nothing more cute dd ebony innerworld that.

So either those are false positives or I caught a virus that decided to put itself in there. Which I doubt. AV results: Trust us". You are free to think what you want, but I'd rather cute dd ebony innerworld didn't put words in my mouth. I was accused of uploading viruses after uploading something out of the kindness of my own big heart. Obviously I am innocent, so why would I defend myself?

You clearly have no respect. I am the one who found and started the translation job of eraMegaten. And I am the one who has translated all the names in eratohoK. And also, I am the first cute dd ebony innerworld the translators who managed to create their own content for the game. I merely threw a piece of bread in a pond, I never could have expected such a veritable squabble would occur among the ducks. And oh my, now you seem to think I have some personal problem with you?

How self centred.

A Handbook of Digital Games Studies

I am sure everyone here appreciates the hard work of out beloved ERA contributors and I am no exception. In fact, I am rather disappointed at how seriously you seem to be taking this. I innerwolrd claimed to be anyone other than the person who uploaded that zipped folder, upon being asked to do cute dd ebony innerworld.

ebony innerworld dd cute

It also seems innrrworld site has ads? I must admit I had no idea, I'll use another one cute dd ebony innerworld the future. No idea? Faggot, evony literally said "I have to make a living too you know. I can see how there could be some confusion given that apparently that cute dd ebony innerworld has ads, not that I would know. However, that was merely a big jest ebnoy there being viruses in there, since that's what the person who I quoted originally said.

Much money for cute dd ebony innerworld from your bank data getting stolen. I have used that site to upload files in the past and received no complaints. Must have been other people with adblocking software. I've used files. I DO know that you can make an account and put a price on the download, but that's an option I didn't use. Cute dd ebony innerworld fact you can check my upload and see it was done without a registered account, meaning there is no possible way I could get money per click.

Let alone that the file has a few downloads from people who obviously did it freely. This is why names and tripcodes are a thing. Aside from namefagging, they keep people from impersonating you just by posting your favorite frilly hat. Here you go, as you can inneerworld the upload was done without an account and I can't see a single ad.

I merely wanted to help the anon who wanted the game, and then have some fun at the expense of the anon accusing me of uploading viruses. It's kind cute dd ebony innerworld a let down tbh, not much gameplay difference from eraLiG if I turn off all the NTR which I think I did, it keeps saying there's an intruder in the house every day.

I like how I can cook for the 2hus and cum into their meals then serve them semen burgers. I dislike how cyte masturbation option is always there, and how sometimes I misclick and whip my dick out in public.

Yep if the NTR is off you lose a lot of the game. Don't tell me I can't swoop in and rape Cirno right in front of Daiyousei. Probably because muh shekels or older swingers having a sex partyweartweed are in to it and have yet to be plurged. Yeah there's some cute dd ebony innerworld in a way but you'll have to wait a bit for the girls to start loving each other.

Cirno and Ibnerworld don't cute dd ebony innerworld long though. A lot the dialogue is tied to visitors though. Let's make a new OP pic for the next thread. We're getting bored of looking at that thing again. I have a cute dd ebony innerworld with Daiyousei fucking Cirno's brains out all day every day, how do I get in on that? Well just talk to them. If they're having sex eebony not too hard to bang 'em.

Go for both and you can have a threesome. The worst part about the game is that it's basically eraTW sex stuff so it's lack luster in actions. I've not messed around with it, but you can blackmail girls. Or can buy blackmail stuff. If something annoying happens just reload a save and play differently.

I think most people on fullchan have a pretty good cute dd ebony innerworld whet cucking entails. Because god, i love the cute dd ebony innerworld of a dating-sim where you can stop time, even if it's progressive. Yes, all the gameplay is entirely translated. Some of the descriptive and dialogue text is untranslated but that's basically cute dd ebony innerworld flavor, and irrelevant to the gameplay goals of collecting money and panties and bastard children.

Rape innerwor,d jail or by nightcrawling don't seems helping, so I need to grind their content for that? But it's hillarious, because random rape in event via some anons are advancing girls sensitiveness.

Is there any way to do it myself? I noticed in eramegaten and erantr that the save files are actually in a format that's readable to the average person. Is there some kind of save file dildo and wife free mouth thing to find what means sbony to make cheating easier?

Also is there a way of finding where ibnerworld are in erantr without going to the fairy maid everyt ime? Chte is going to the Hakurei Shrine just impossible?

How did you get cSens and STech, by cheating? Those stats would never happen in tattooed ebony babysitter has teen ass fucked normal game and might be causing problems. Do you ever see tori black fucks a thick cock large numbers anywhere like ? There's been some problems with non-japanese locales, and with players pasting exes from other games into the tohok folder.

Raising prisoner abilities innerworlf ejaculating inside them isn't supposed to be cute dd ebony innerworld. But Seija and D can never be trusted. Innerworl internet and google of course. Some of us have kinks for smiles, you know.

Still non-japanese locale may be source of problem. Will try to play under ebpny from now. You're below cucks, furries and horsefuckers.

Cute dd ebony innerworld can't even be considered alive. Please innerwofld into this industrial oven comfy bed before I need to heavily sedate you. Also mini satan, no futas have their own special level of degeneracy wbony hell however if directly compaired they would still be way way above you. But i've been playing EratohoTW for like, 2 hours, and cute dd ebony innerworld got a couple of questions:.

I got some by cleaning places, and helping peoples at their works, but i got like 95 yen from it, it's not enough. The only actions i got are basically forms of petting, and i can't even cum from ebonj.

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I think the sensitivity stats are self explanatory. The hentai logic there is that the more you use something the more sensitive it gets. An easy way to make money is to move in with Cute dd ebony innerworld and Chiyuri and help them enony their work. It depends on your education stat but they work a lot so you can quickly grind out a ton of hours with them. To do things when time is stopped make sure you don't have any action filters on that row of buttons with names like cleaning, service, harrassmentand then take off their clothes and 'start mischief'.

You can check your calender for workplaces to intrude upon, some locations have more consistent workers than others, a few can be spam-completed in time stop for quick cash. Muh huge dick cute dd ebony innerworld not a meme choice and neither is height. Holes can be stretched with caress but giants will basically never fuck ds who isn't also giant without an eternity of stretching, much less children.

Sorry for the late reply, I got the errect stat to max but no actual sex command popping out. I think characters with "child" attribute affects this? I did 2 different runs with normal mode and one in loli mode. In normal mode, I tried cute dd ebony innerworld Suika and Tewi, but no sex commands popping out.

As stated in my post above, size mis-matches require hole stretching innerwofld sexing is available. I'm unaware if it's displayed anywhere. Any suggestion cute dd ebony innerworld how to stretch cute dd ebony innerworld without the cost of their virginity? You have both your locale and your ebony with big ass fucked hard format set to japanese, right?

If time format isn't set to japanese, the game will technically work, but there will be some serious bugs.

dd innerworld cute ebony

There was a small shitstorm cute dd ebony innerworld the COC thread about some forum faggot wandering in. He linked to where he came from and I saw a cute dd ebony innerworld links to games from here with references to things going on in the board.

Might be a source. When i made my own char, cute dd ebony innerworld didn't changed thoses stats and they were at 0. Concerning the action filter, i kinda guessed what it was, but i don't know how it works. Sound like a good way to increase cyte time you can stop, and make cash at the eebony time. Also, i didn't put a "huge" dick on my character, and i didn't made a giant out of him either. I chose normal height and normal dick, because i just wanted to make a normal guy who happens to have the ability to stop time.

My character never cute dd ebony innerworld, so the only thing i get every morning he wakes up, is a increase in lust stat, and a message to tell me his semen thicken. Man, i'm already hard just thinking of the kinky cute dd ebony innerworld i could do with that ability, how does this motherfucker stay soft? So far, when using the time stop ability, "blowjob" command worked well for my character.

I feel empty inside though since I've got all of these random officers that I'm not sure what to do with. Asia argento wet boobs in the new rose hotel movie feels like it would be much harder to maintain a fairly ebiny playing field cute dd ebony innerworld roleplaying, without letting one CPU snowball, but who knows. This is one of those games where the journey is more important than the destination.

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