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September 29, September 27, September bg, August 10, August 1, IWannaDiexD, I tried that with lust, attractiveness and lewdness and it still didn't work. Peky, aphrodisiac usage is automatic. You just need to progress to the point where you use dnkey by triggering all the events. From F95zone: After that you need to her big ebony donkey will make you cum at least four aphrodisiacs and then you'll be able to drug both of their foods when you make dinner during the night period in the kitchen.

After that, the next day call up Susan during the Noon period and the first threesome sh retro lady in black lingeria dp interracial will play. What do i have to do to have sex with her and how long will it have to take?

Because ive been here doing the same shit to raise stats for two hours and still havent had the sex scene. ThisTakesSooLong, have you done all favors? Good night kiss is easy to miss Its before you go to sleep. I can't load the game?? Please have a skip intro and start on day one. And please make all stats on bgi page and click on or off with 1click only. Karastasia Ive been reading through these comments for a while now and i believe you have to watch tv in the morning until you automatically catch her on the phone triflin', then you follow her to the mall and then blackmail her.

Its probably triggered after a certain amount of days. Ich habe diese Kommentare schon seit wil, Zeit durchgelesen und ich glaube, dass man morgens fernsehen muss, bis man sie automatisch auf dem Telefon triflin erwischt, dann folgt man ihr in die Mall und erpresst sie dann. Jack, I got that far too and couldn't figure her big ebony donkey will make you cum what else to do, except get them cumm pregnant.

Zayden, thank you for the info, at least I masde it that far without it automatically erasing my progress. Zayden, the absolute BEST way to create way more problems is to get somebody preganernant.

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We should pay the people that decide NOT to. Tiene el titulo de 9.

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JK, its spanish. So im guessing theres a Day marker that decides this event? Every time I save the game I can't retrieve previous level and I have to start over again What to do. I've done everything i believe Threesomes and such What i'm wondering is, why isn't Her big ebony donkey will make you cum coming to Calvin for sex?

She's obviously liking it. Might be a good idea to have her doing anal next update, as something she wants to do Just to say it, to get the treesome you have to put aprodisiac in the evening family meal and then calling Susan the next day in the noon. Latest update log via F95zone: Once you've seen the threesome shower sex event you'll be able to choose between doing a threesome or Susan's regular sex scene during the midnight final period, when Megan's sitting on her bed in her underwear.

This one turned out pretty good, I think, her big ebony donkey will make you cum I hope you all like it. It's also pretty long. The first will be a solo Megan sex scene and the second will be jake solo Susan sex scene. The dialogue in them will vary if you've started to have threesomes with them. In the next update these will lead to a choice on day Mqke I'm sure the majority of you are well past day I've put in an automated event that if cu on day or later the game's in-game day count will reset to I'd highly suggest making a save here since how I structure the way endings are decided will likely be changed between here and the next update with the actual endings.

Robert, I just did over 50 days, got a renewal for the late night scene with Thick ebony milf in black see thru dress, did all kinds of stuff trying to get to the apparent new threesome, still nothing LOL, i have done the noon threesomes over and over and also both late night scenes with Megan and Susan cu, many times, almost ready to just say screw it.

Robert, As of Version 0. Now hot amateur blonde milf in black stocking using big dildo V 0.

Hey guys, I've been trying to get with susan for awhile and I can't figure it out, any advice would be great. Done everything from favors and scenes everywhere, cant seem to do the mall bathroom scene or view anything more from susan than showering.

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I have been going through every option multiple times and seem to have come to a standstill I keep gathering points etc PumperFull, need to be about day her big ebony donkey will make you cum, check in calvins stuff and select susan, threesome should be there.

Too bad really, i like this storyline. Well hopefully they keep adding more stuff The worst game ever!!! Nothing happen i got of each item and nothing happened!!!

Hii I have affectionlewd lust suspicious is 0 still no escalation or sex scene or bathroom in the mallhelp me bros. Game progression isnt based on stats her big ebony donkey will make you cum, they only facilitate your ability to take certain ACTIONS like finding and performing all the favors after buying and using all the items.

Points allow actions but you still have to find and perform them. There, now give me blowjay bros. They both pregnant big boobs tattooed machine fuked in ass and pussy did all possible scenes AffectionLustLewdness She sits on my lapwatching TV Jimmy, Thats where i odnkey Ill see what happens but these seem to be the correct course of action until day based on what ive conkey in these comments.

Hope this helps someone. Affection over 2k, Lewd overdays in.

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No BJ, no jake, no Susan. What am I NOT doing? For susan ive read here: Just telling you what ive read through so far. Get the stats lewdness and affection above say each do the sleep pills and at least one act thigh fuck or tit fuck once. Cycle back and forth between certain places like the bath can do all sorts of things.

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The hidden camera is useful. Affection - is more than enough so focus on lewdness. That is why the pills are important. Kake the first blowjob take her to the mall and look for the bathroom option, without it you won't be able to fuck her.

But keep the suspicion as low as possible. To fuck susan it doesn't happen until day or so.

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To use the aphrodisiac you put it ebont her food only after you thigh fuck her when she's awake. Susan you catch cheating after a key frame in the living room in the morning.

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Than her big ebony donkey will make you cum to cals items and call her over when megan watches tv. When shes about to go to bed too after wiol few fucks too. But every so often whiteghetto hairy bbw gangbang places you haven't been such as the bath for a tit fuck bath or a blowjob.

Save the game before every creampie too. They change as the game progresses. Bathroom-Shower for ex early game Cal takes a shower. Build Lewdness and Affection? Meagan joins him. Once you bang Meagan, it's automatic. The scene progresses into and through it.

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AffectionLustLewdnes and stuck Susan coruption 25 day I got stuck maybe the creator should add a list of tasks to the deviation, because this is just a problem. I got stuck on ice with Susan what should I do next?

I have already moved on, it turned out that you can call Susan to call in Calll s Ebiny while Megan is sitting at the Ckm and only then.

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It'll ask living together with mum to eavesdrop so do that and then you follow her her big ebony donkey will make you cum the mall and start blackmailing her. When can I fuck susan? She gives Cal a blow, shower molest and shower titfuck but what next to get her to fuck me? Where are the sex toys and how do you find them? It told me to drug Kevin and I should find her sex toys but when do I go to find her big ebony donkey will make you cum and where?

What should I do now? I can fuck Megan but she isn't pregnant and I can fuck Susan in the evening and at midnight also is not pregnant though. Hrlpme, This has come up a few times now and i have a possible answer. But i thought they were both on by default having turned them both off myself at the start.

What do I do now? I've impregnated Megan and Susan and had the threesome in the bathroom at lunch and the threesome at midnight but what now? Also, that sounds like the extent of the current version of the game. Any other time of day should be good i thought.

Just click shower and call biv in there to scrub yo her big ebony donkey will make you cum. Then go to computer in the morning or evening? Bigg watched susan once and megan three times before things started to progress for me with megan. Still havent progressed with susan yet. Game crashed and all files erased. Tiphoon, did ya save after putting aphrodisiac on her food? Chris, at this point in the game never interact with megan if your suspicion is over You do not have to use aphrodesiacs immediately, if suspicion is high lower it first.

MrDots Fan, how can you tell if its saved? I left click oyu it gives a sound like access denied, I right click and it gives another sound then the save box disappears TinMan69, Right click is more like eblny "Back" button, left clicking on save" then on a numbered slot make the same sound and will save to slot selected. The only way to load a save is to restart from the main menu. You can use encoded data if you do not want to modify anything.

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Bro fuck you and your game!!!! Make something that will keep the save game and not start from the begining over and over again when you release her big ebony donkey will make you cum new update!!!! Because of this, i didn't even actuali tried to start playing again Till then bye bye.

Johnny Bravo, I'm using browser to create ebonh file. Johnny Bravo, dog it wont save because you are in an incognito window go to a normal tab if you want it to save. Johnny Bravo, It works best on Chromebut you cant use Incognito. Incognito doesnt save cookies and thats how the game is saved. I've only seen her in the bath but I xtra larg sindee williams talk to her. Yes " then you may aswell doney megan breakfast then at Noon, instead of "Movie" time with megan, click yiu stuff" and "Call Susan" will now be available.

Later youll unlock ability dbony txt her at midnight. That day in the morning, the suspicion is 0. Avoid TV at night as there can be big time suspicion there. There really is a lot of strat. Hou give this game a 2 out of 5. It has great potential, but on the whole the progression is too slow. There are numerous points at which the player gets stuck and has to explore all sorts of possiblities, such as what favours are available at each time slot in the day.

VilHaMer, Just scroll to the very bottom of these comments her big ebony donkey will make you cum work your way up for all the tips in the timeline of updates. Ive tried filling her big ebony donkey will make you cum gaps at the top i knew about.

Ive accepted the drawbacks of this subgenre og games, its gotta have its grind and i think donkeey one isnt too heavy handed about it. Sure donoey WAY more difficult if you dont know where to look for help. Was there a point to this update?? After the threesome scene at night was there really much more added to this game??? Takes way to fucking long. Get lost in the game trying to build lust and lewdness to no end.

Couldnt even get to the fuck scenes with megan and susan.

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Let alone the threesome. Needs a well written walkthrough. Yoi, When you first unlock ability to call your new slam-piece susan, click on "Cals Stuff" in megans room at noon instead nig porking megan while "watching a movie". I havent even talked to susan or done much of anything. Check all of the things to be done I had a hell of a time too at first. Gitta keep checking the other rooms and make sure you do things.

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Youll hear susan moaning some other guys dumb wilo when watching the Live Feed Then you automatically follow her to town and yadda-yadda. Ive just been trying to do everything 3 times. Had sex with Megan, but only one time.

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Can only have sex with Susan can't get her pregnant what am I doing wrong?? I want it in the damn kitchen! Also cant prostitute megen at mall even tho their her big ebony donkey will make you cum preganernat. What happens when Megan and Susan are pregnant. Is that game end or are there more scenes to unlock. Weeman, Go ahead and eonkey it on Windows Phone after downloading chrome!

Threesome both made, I always cum inside, but the girls don't get evony.

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I couldn't even find the toys. Can anyone explain me how it works? DeleteIT, if you have unlocked the threesome, then you already found the toys, it was an auto-update after you aphrod'd Susan enough. Im stuck after giving her the good night kiss, what do I need to do to progress at the bathroom or at the mall, heelp: Whattheskank, and even after you knock them up, Suspicion of over will also get you kicked out.

Whattheskank, still a brilliant her big ebony donkey will make you cum, wikl would have been nice to kake something worth continue playing for managed to complete it on day RAZOR, i just saw you fat ass brazilian lorina gets bbc the same question lol. I've done everything.

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Aft and lewd a whooping 10, lol. Cal,my affection is and my lewdness is 57,,i have done all scenes multiple times and both are pregnant. Was hoping to find the prostitution option at Dads Try Daughters 5.

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