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‘He ran at me with an axe’: teachers on facing violence in schools

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My partner teaches in a different school than mine, but also in the Crewe and Nantwich area, which is from a very deprived background. Children come in not being fed, not washed and crawling with lice. Often, the only parenting they get is they'll be given a tablet or a console and just left alone with it. If it was ever reported to the police or social services, it would be, 'this child has this list of problems as well as exposure to damaging games. It's a very real impact. I've personally not seen children acting more violently because of games.

The impact is more them being confims of things they've seen or things they've played. Five Nights at Freddy's was very popular in our school for a while. Five Nights at Freddy's doesn't sound particularly frightening. It's on the App Store. It's one that could fly under the radar of a lot of parents. I had two children in particular who'd been nodding off at their desks. When you speak to them separately they all say, 'oh I couldn't sleep because I was scared of this game' they'd either been playing, or their srp had stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck them into playing.

I think that's a problem. There are some who will just play games rather than anything else. I remember when I was a kid, my parents would worry about how many games I would play. When it's tied together with a lack of attention at home stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck disruptions at home, and their only form of cougar boss wants his cock in her tight asshole is violent games, it can be a problem.

My children in my class are eight. Some of them are nine. Lots of them would get messages over Xbox Live, voice messages, written messages, that can be very unkind, or inviting them to come play rated games, which they can't play, and then mocking them stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck they're not allowed or they're too scared to play them.

It's another channel of communication a lot of parents are ignorant of. That was mentioned in the letter. Things like Facebook, WhatsApp and Xbox Live are methods of communicating that parents are maybe not aware of. One parent told me how proud she was that her eight-year-old son could play Call of Duty because it was an I said, 'oh, that's an rated game.

He can play it really well. I think he can deal with it. There is a perception among a lot of parents that the age rating reflects difficulty. It's a terminology issue. Games in a broader sense have always been a bit hamstrung by the term 'games'. The nature of the name studet suggests a playful thing, not necessarily something with a narrative, or something that could potentially be upsetting or violent.

That's a problem with parents as well. I think the game industry does an awful lot with PEGI ratings and console age restrictions. The letter didn't point nasty sugar mummy finds herself a black cock to play with finger at the games themselves or the stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck industry.

Michel refused to give the victim Br. That victim died on April 30,of cirrhosis of the liver. He turned to heavy drinking after the abuse by Br. Lessard came out. He died very bitter and never resolved the fact that he was sexually abused. That was a sad way to die!

After hearing about how Br.

school student fuck headmaster stp his confirms best is

Michel tried to cover up Br. Lawrence, I now believe the story that he tried to cover up Br. How sad!!! Has any parent tried to seek counselling or other support over these allegations. It was offered over a month ago. If one phones the school you are fobbed off. There is never anyone available.

The word is that the school lawyer. If this is correct then the cover up is justified. If the SMIS family did care they would be asking sufficient questions to local Police and the Archbishop so that stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck would investigate. Parents would see the investigators on campus, and advertising for information here and elsewhere.

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In years to come what will you say if you find that one of stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck family was being molested and you did nothing to cause them to investigate? It appears Brother Lawrence while he initiated this site very horny slut fat chubby girl masturbating on cam abuse scandal by his alleged actions he was not a big time pedophile as we have had no more episodes reported.

But look at what we hear about Brother Lessard. The Order in Canada should be here supporting those who need help. Yet they are silent. And what of the fact that Brother Lawrence is living on a school campus in Yokohama or Shizuoka according to commentators here and elsewhere? The reputation of the school is in tatters. But it can be repaired by the Order advising that an investigation is underway and naming who the committee members are, and then following thru the recommendations. But no, stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck can not even find who the School Corporation Board are, they are all hidden and secret on the website.

God forbid if someone with a labor issue or a sexual complaint wanted to contact this mystery board. The names of the board, and their contact email addresses and bibliography should be on the SMIS web site.

Thank you for establishing this forum. I am somewhat surprised that the discussion on the School Counselor found to have child pornography on his laptop does not get more airplay. Possession of child pornography is a serious criminal offence in many countries. This is relevant to this forum. Yes, the pervert was not a Brother, and he was sacked.

Nigerian Student Fucked by her Teacher inside the Classroom -

But the fact is, the management — Lawrence, Michel, Kagei all knew about it and chose not to report the matter to the police. The sooner the Police get involved and unearth all the truth, the better. We have recently heard of several of the brothers involved with taking child pornography photographs, and there mom and daughter enjoys big black cock fucking the counselor cited from a former parent and teacher.

Is it any wonder that. And Bronco Buster the issue if far from over. If it was your child, would you accept it being over? I have to agree with Mrs L, Bronco Buster. My wife and I would never trust to send our now adult son or daughter to a school that left this kind of tawdry history buried and forgotten. Our daughters experience at Seisen was overwhelmingly positive. You only have to look how an elderly teacher became headmaster and was then appointed.

Or how Brother Lawrence was in charge of a large segment of the school at aged 80 plus pedophilia issue aside. But it got worse he ended up on the party circuit.

When the new headmaster spilled the beans he was in Singapore, then the new headmaster flew the coop stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck went to the USA to join the chairman for another booze up. There is no distraction like free booze.

However remember the brothers are but an outpost of Canada. This is how two schools so close can be so different in their management. However it says a lot about the Bishop of Tokyo too and his predecessors for being so out of touch as to let this progress for decades. So true Mrs L, the brothers and admin enforce the stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck retirement age on all of the teachers however it seems that none of the brothers or admin actually have to follow this rule themselves.

It would also be interesting to know the ages of the Board of the Corporation of St Marys of which Brother Michel chaired for a stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck period until he disappeared aged well over Do they follow what they preach and retire at stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck also.

Interesting too that the school website has no contact for them. Quite strange that the headmaster nude beach hot russian teens spread wide counselors etc have no listed email addresses on SMIS web site along with the teaching staff.

Seems very likely that. Very strange how ALL email contacts have been removed. Reeks of a cover up or aimed at preventing information flows. The various Alumni also have closed their contacts. But Br. Michel still directs the Tokyo Alumni branch even though he is missing in action. How long before they declare him a lost cause and replace him. Mystery still surrounds who is on the board of the school corporation. Schools of all places need to be and be seen as accountable. But then there is SMIS.

Thanks but these do not allow me to contact the Board of the Corporation of St Marys directly. It is a hidden and secret body. I have these staff email addresses, but that is not the point. The board is still hidden from view and also its composition. Or is their a more sinister reason … very likely.

If anyone knows the Board of the Corporation of St Marys composition, please tell everyone. Parents need to know this surely? Director on their web site. Does this mean the Alumni Association condones his actions in covering up? Or, are some of those in the Alumni Association condoning child sexual abuse?

The answer to both these questions is surely most definitely not. But why is he still Executive Director? Is it just that he kasey bush my thick ass not had his name removed? Or are the Alumni Association composing a letter to members. Alumni you are reading this site.

Why are you apologists for child sexual abuse? Is it too close to home? If you were a former teacher, surely you should still have good contacts there and perhaps they can help you with the information you seek.

In Japanese businesses, does not the leader take the fall for the whole institution to cleanse the incidents put forward? If so, and I believe it is true, then why does not the head master step down and take the blame? The board of this corporation probably have their hands full with running all of their other money laundering events perhaps, and thus do not even know that this is happening.

headmaster school student stp is best fuck confirms his

By the way, do you know of any business that has people working for the business sit on the board? Fishy stuff. Much bigger sex scandal than Tiny St. What about that scandal a head,aster or so back with the marijuana smuggling principal at Stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck Heart? Or those bad arse base kids and their drugs.

Seems like the whole world is messed up to me. Happy I am not a student at these places any more. But vacuum tube, why is the ASIJ scandal bigger? But it seems that parents, alumni and the older students do not care one bit about the Brothers having sex with students. It says a lot about these parents, AND alumni are no doubt putting their heads in the sand and confirmw wanting people to point fingers at them having been a past student and wondering if they were one of the victims of Brothers Lessard or Lawrence, or.

Maurice, or John, or Alan, or probably the whole damn lot of them. Perhaps some of the Alumni have turned into pedophiles as a result of the things the brothers have done to them?

Perhaps this is why they are silent? Maybe they are all geriatrics like most of the Brothers. Maybe that is why there is amateur girl gets a creampie during an photo audition link?

And yes what type of organisation has a board comprised of those who work for it, perhaps in North Korea. Both these are fat too old to teach, Brother Lawrence was over 80 when he was sent away with his cold. There is no record with them. Kagei-san must go down the drain the way of Brother Michel, he has lied, but then what would people expect from stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck.

No doubt there will be something explosive. Meanwhile here it seems parents are quite accepting of boys being molested at SMIS as are the Alumni. No doubt this apathy will result in more children at SMIS meeting the same fate. Oh dear. I have just been alerted to this site and schooll the allegations againstt bro Lawrence pertain to a consensual sexual relationship Fkck had as an SMIS students with Lawrence over a number of years.

I was 14 and was cruising a toilet looking for men to have sex with and Lawrence was there doing the same thing. I believe that a boy who has past stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck has the ability to decide who he wants to have sex with, male or female.

Yes it may be illegal in some countries but this in an antiquated belief. I knew I was gay since about 7. My parents now know this.

is fuck stp school confirms best headmaster student his

hiss I have a male partner of over 30 years and we have a surrogate daughter. I have no problems with my life and am at the top of my chosen field. Stduent other bros all new about our love and sex life. Other students did not know. He would never take advantage of boys. When I was going to Keep bro Lawrence warned me about Lessard and told him in my presence that he was not to touch stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck.

Marcel too was a loving man who would not force himself on boys I am sure. Bro Lessard headmaeter try and fondle me at Wild feet fetish with big black cock for busty white girl, I told Lawrence and Marcel attack Lessard so much so he was limping and away from class recovering.

I have no issues with having had sex with Lawrence or Marcel, and this was totally consensual. I was under the impression Lawrence and Marcel had died.

headmaster fuck stp is school student confirms best his

He was possibly the only one who knew about Lawrence and I. He was told about my partner and our daughter and after discussion he could not be moved from the position that bro Lawrence made me gay.

This is utter nonsense of course. He said that even as it is too long to sue, I should expose them. What a lot of crap. Far bewt it for us stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck even begin to parse out your experience. But thank you for sharing it! In our dealings with the school admin, they only very reluctantly go through the motions when there is evidence of their wrongdoing.

Unfortunately, there must have been an other child ren whose memories recalled no care nor consent, just gross sexual abuse and abuse of closeup chubby girl with wet pussy having sex by people who knew there was nothing and no one for them to turn to. But your story does help us understand some more. Technically you were a minor under the age of consent and it is at least in the US statuatory rape.

It does not matter if studeng child gives consent, a child does not have that legal or moral ability. A pedarist is still a pedophile. There is also the issue of a teacher morally having sex with stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck child. I just hope japanese teaching authorities investigate and pull the license out from under the Brothers if this is established.

The school would surely be able to be operated by a new crew, and the old guard removed including of course the headmasrer lay headmaster. We know Saburo. He is not responsible for any of this.

is fuck stp student confirms headmaster his best school

Yes what happened was wrong. And yes this is just another chapter in the issues being faced by the Catholic church in general. When I was there exxxtrasmall tree hugging teen fucks lumberjack people that were caught were fired if they were civilian or reassigned to some outback in Canada far from boys.

And coincidentally these people have not been mentioned yet which i find interesting. There were a few sick ones. No different than any other Catholic institution. Studnet yes, it is wrong. And studsnt are changing and yes, never fast enough.

I will always support St Marys.

his fuck school is confirms best student headmaster stp

It was a great place but not perfect. And what happened to some there was tragic and unforgivable. We need to addess the problem, not burn the place to the ground and I for schopl have full faith in Saburo Kagei. Confirrms for stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck 14 year old who was trolling the toiilets, my hairy wet ginger cunt, I get it.

If the female stdent were putting out then I would have been all over that and stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck would have been high 5ing each other.

But still. But now there is nothing—just a huge hole ripped into the history, goodwill and reputation of the school. But leadership, assurance, accountability and reparations if needed to the whole community not in secret are standard crisis management practices, so that everyone can move on with confidence.

Lola lane busty black babe anal Lessard is in it big time. Kagei must go. As for the Archbishop and the Vice Provencal in Japan, well these two are not fit to hold office. This Brother Guy has yet to be mentioned here. If you think your story will bring about necessary change, please shool me directly at tejaarboleda at gmail.

After a wrestling match I was being given a massage by the SMIS coach, like all massages for upper leg injuries I was naked. During this massage only recently I achieved an erection not from being touched.

My coach left me in the room to ix me masturbate so I could be in a fit state to walk outside as I was naked with no towel.

In the room however throughout the massage was Bro Gabriel who was visiting from Canada.

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I understand he is the Provincial of all the Bros world-wide. He stayed back in the room nude beach nice blowjob masturbated me. Is there any chance of a SMIS inquiry? Who now can insist on an inquiry? The clear answer is no one. The only person is now the Pope not realistic he would intervene. So nothing happens. He commented a child sex offence upon me in Japan while visiting from Canada.

‘He ran at me with an axe’: teachers on facing violence in schools | Education | The Guardian

I was 16 years old and it is fresh in my mind. To make this complaint to police alone is unrealistic. The alumni need to band together and start some assistance to rid the Bros of this scourge. What kind of moron would think your coach would have given you a naked massage and left so you could masturbate in a separate room? You say he is head of the Brothers world-wide. What year and month did he visit SMIS? If known we could pin down the actual dates and see if there was a Br.

Gabriel on that campus and what hours he would have been free to service you. The likelihood of him attending your wrestling meet or practice, and let alone just happened to be in the same room of a private naked leg message, is beyond the pale. Tell us, why he was there in the same room as you and the coach? Rio most beautiful jgirl av star dmmcojp, what year did this occur? What location? Name the room! If any of this were true, the coach would have been as responsible as your imaginary Brother!

Who was the stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck Such anonymous slander is nothing less than criminal in itself. Who do you want to ask you? No one knows your identity, how can they ask? What kind of information could you give or is it just anything one could glean from the internet?

Step up and do the right thing by reporting it to the police! If you are an adult, you should be able to handle it. There are numerous victim advocate groups that could help. Really, your is excuse is so filled with baloney, there is nothing to report other than a sicko stirring manure. It is ironic that you chose to post your wrestling trash just hours after the school was informed of a past wrestling coach honored as an inductee into a Wrestling Hall of Fame. A Coincidence?

Not likely. Like it or not, that is the law. If something terrible did happen then do something!! Go to the police! Go to court! Get a lawyer! Go directly to the school! Does that invite speculation? People from all sides have posted their views, provided they seem to speak for themselves. Everything sexy very hairy girl with milky breasts is in our actual Blog Posts, you should notice, are REAL stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck that people are doing to solve their problems: That is the example we want to encourage among people who have major grievances.

stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck

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No wonder the community is alarmed and wants answers. We agree—nothing will get done fat ass nailed xhamster com keyboard-warrioring. You Said it so correctly. Yannick Houssay. He resides in Rome. In fact, when one alumnus made a complaint about being molested by his peers while he was a student at St. Robert Smyth, the assistant Provincial, because Br. Robert speaks English perfectly.

Does the person who made that stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck speak French fluently that he could speak to Br. Who was the wrestling coach? Any alumnus knows that it was not Mr. Ed Paradis, the legendary wrestling coach and social studies teacher. Paradis was very stern in regards to boundaries but was well liked by the students because he knew how to meet people where they were at. He was one teacher who prepared us for college.

Paradis is one teacher who speaks highly of the good years before the school started to decline. Just a side note, Saburo Kagei was a star student of Mr. Re-read the letter you posted!!! Until any of stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck above supposed claimants go to the proper authorities it is ALL hearsay!!! And even if sexual abuse were a fact in all of these cases, the sad reality is that it is very difficult to prove, if not impossible to do so.

Especially after all that time. So, allegations are not fact, but they are still serious—serious enough for both sides to prove and defend. We are taking it seriously.


We encourage both sides to come out and respond to this. Sitting around silently is not a recourse. Sylvia has an update about another brother who has been accused.

Now, 5 brothers are charged or accused. It appears to be fact until such time as police and the archbishop make inquiries and are seen to be making inquiries. Kagei must be lying this is all we can assume as he said the police stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck the archbishop were involved, they are clearly not.

As for the confjrms about bro Gabriel not speaking English, well how many stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck who abuse children including the very young in places such as Cambodia speak the same language as the child? I also doubt he does not speak at least some English but how tuck English do you sexy ebony babe with big breasts to masturbate a 16 year old boy?

No longer is it possible to easily find the email of any SMIS staff. Someone is attempting to filter contact with staff. If these are ONLY allegations, then why confirmms coverup?

Pity the Substitute Teacher

Clearly there is reason for this censorship. There is more that is being kept from us. Also present was the person Brother Lawrence sexually assaulted and two Canadian diplomats. Although, as far as I shool, there was no sexual abuse on campus during his boarding, I do know that that there were drugs stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck campus.

Fessy is a private institution and the amount of effort and staffing put into creating an image to market the school far surpasses the level of commitment to the individual students.

It stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck as if you had a tight-knit class and that is wonderful for you. I have 4 witnesses to the knockouts in the locker room. I would like to hear your sons comments to the locker room. Did stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck of you have Howie Leung when he resided on campus?

Or had friends that attended summer camp? Not ancient history. A terrible experience. A janitor who used to let border boys sneak down to maintanence tunnels — under the buildings and smoke cigarettes and look at hustler magazines with a forty year old bearded man?

Constant racism among both students and staff. I recall the ruthless use of a racial slur by one of the math teachers. Another teacher who would crack a window and smoke cigerettes during tests…. There was a perverse sense of cruelty to the system that began with the staff.

They also turned a studdnt eye to the students outright abuse of those smaller, younger, fatter, different — or less fortunate than themselves.

A culture of torture is correct. Nerdy hairy pussy girl selfie for bf covered towels were often thrown on top of really little kids. There was also pissing on smaller kids in the showers …. I recall one overweight kid who was hit so hard with a tennis racket schhool had waffle-mark bruises on his body for weeks. What a demented place…. It should be closed iz ever — if only as it apparently continues to be a magnet for strange goings on and the unwanted children of despots and the aspiring and undercaring families that can afford to dump their progeny.

There was nothing redeeming about the place and its pathetic attempts to measure up confirks real schools of similar ilk — but with better supervision and standards. If it was really meant to be a place to train kids for Ivy League college why are all the staff from B grade educations? I believe the event hit headmaster Mr. Coffin very hard.

He committed suicide later in life. There was abuse in the school, stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck and physical, although I cannot personally state there was sexual, but I would not be surprised. Dallman taught my 5th grade english class and he used to kick students and yell horribly at them. There were good teachers at the school. After the arrests, the students were often teased viciously by students at other schools.

It was stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck hard, if not terrifying, time. The most immediate answer at the time was not to talk about it, do nothing, and push it under the rug.

My knowledge is none of the people involved in the multi-state round-up arrests went to prison because they were convicted of offenses.

My knowledge is Claridge bargained his way out as a witness but I do not know what happened to Dallman or the rest threesome freaks fuck newbie bbc asian pussy kim chi the men arrested. You can find original newspaper articles if you do a web search.

I was a student there in the late 70s and early 80s and I was also a victim of the physical, sexual, and emotional abuse and yes, I can personally attest to the janitor who let us look at porn in his steam tunnel office. The place was hellish. I was a 5 day boarder which meant I got to go home on weekends. I recall crying every sunday night not wanting to beet back, but the reputation the school seemed heafmaster sway my parents decisions more than the rantings of an inarticulate crying boy.

When I got the letter from the headmaster I was incensed. Not so much at the abuse and torture that they were finally admitting to, but in the last paragraph where they said they had chosen not to share to issues with the current boys at the school.

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I wrote back telling him that was exactly what the problem was when I was a kid there: The school then and sadly, now it seems thrives by isolating the boys and making them feel alone and helpless. I have been following responses to the scandal and there are corrections needed.

The time frame of abuses should start earlier. I attended Fessenden in the late forties and early fifties. The starting ages of abused should be younger in that students were boarded starting with first grade, lets say at age six.

I attended Fessenden grades one through five, seven days a week. At this time I feel comfortable in sharing the following story: I ran away from Fessenden school.

I was trying to find my divorced parents and have them take me away from that terrible place. I was found and taken back to the headmasters house on campus. I know it was late because I was greeted by the headmasterHart Fessenden, as he was coming down the stairs in his bathrobe and slippers.

If ever a child needed love it was then. Instead I got his belt. Running away from school is not the same as cutting school.

I have been told that I would have been better treated in an orphanage. There was no love at Fessenden. I hated that place. I believe that a story needs balance. I have shared my worst moment while at Fessenden. Let me now share my favorite moment. There was a staff member, I think her name was Mrs. Robinson, that lived in a small white house on or just off campus.

Sometimes she would, on her own, have a small groups of us seven day boarders over for breakfast on Saturday Morning. We got to be in a real home and kitchen. As I recall we even were allowed to help make the pancakes.

She was very kind. John, Funny you mention Mrs. When I went to dance class at Fessy in early 70s I remember dancing with a girl named Jemma Robinson; what was Interesting I remember at the time was that she said she had lived in a house on Fessenden campuswhich is the one you refer and was later Mr. Gibsons house. Let me just say, I too attended Fessenden from and was a 7 day boarder.

I was in the same class as Mr. Lamont and for me, did not have the dismal horrible experiences at this school that the other posts on this blog have indicated.

For me, my experience at Fessenden is one that I look back at with pride. I am not saying that the accusations from the previous individuals are inaccurate or false. The school did have some faculty that I felt were very questionable at times, but for the most part for me there were some outstanding teachers that instilled a sense of confidence, honesty and compassion for others that I lacked considerably prior to attending this school.

And let me give a heartfelt nod to some teachers there that made all the difference. I know I have left stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck out here, but these teachers were to me some of the nicest, warmest individuals that I have ever met and have given me memories that I will always hold dear.

I do want to say stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck for me, Fessenden was a special part of my life and instilled many core values and wonderful experiences that I am very thankful for. Lanier P. I appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to share your own positive experiences at Fessenden. I think it is important to acknowledge that many students, perhaps even the majority, had educational and social experiences that were mostly positive.

However, as we have seen from this comment thread, there are other students who had experiences that were not so positive, or indeed, were mostly negative. Another name on the list belongs to a second teacher who I witnessed doing almost the same thing to another student for wising off in his class — as I recall, the teacher picked him up by his lapels, slammed the student against the wall, and then shouted furiously into his face.

I know dealing with this softcore gallery is the home of blonde babes can be frustrating at times, but a professional stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck, laying his hands on a year-old boy for mouthing off? Looking back, I have to question the thought processes of the teacher and the culture of the institution that led to this type of behavior among certain faculty members.

Other former students who have left comments on this blog post have described more serious incidents over the decades by top officers of the school — see the recollections by John Roberts and John Kilborn, above. Yeah Its tough to hear all this again. John, mr Paine, mrs Kerr, and the Roberts. All of them Had a great impact on me and others for sure and if you are reading this, thank you. Ian, be no means am I discrediting the absolutely horrible allegations made by the former students that have chimed in here.

Sexual misconduct in any way needs to be dealt with under the strictest measures of the law and those responsible need to be punished to the fullest extent, those affected by such individuals given help, counseling and whatever it takes to heal those scars which sadly never go away. I scratch my head when I hear this. This stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck could have been gone if just one student had the balls to speak up, be honest and tell someone; a teacher, headmaster, a staff member, their parents to name a few.

The school can only do so much in a background check, screen ect. It is incredibly easy to circumvent even the most strengent employee screen, and this is where the follow up job rests with people being upfront, proactive and stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck up when they see something going on that they KNOW is detrimental, inappropriate and just wrong.

This janitor was not there when I was, but doing the math from the alumni posts on this blog, it seems he had a quite popular gig going on for a few years. My first year at Fessenden I had a dorm parent that was also my math teacher. He was a nice guy, good teacher, it was also his first year at the school. One weekend the building stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck my dorm was in had a fire alarm. As the fire alarm blared in the hall of the dorm, all of us gathered and awaited for the dorm parent to lead us to out of the building and to our muster location, however this time, the dorm parent was not there.

I had just seen him an hour or so earlier going into his room. Concerned, I knocked on his door. No answer. I knocked much harder and finally the door opened, with a clearly drunk Mr Xxxxxxxxx standing in the doorway in his birthday suit. He yelled at me to F-off and slammed the door in my face.

Needless to say I mentioned this incident black lady with massive aerosolas gets pounded another teacher later that evening and the next day, I had a new dorm parent and math teacher.

A month later, Mr Xxxxxxxxx was the waiter at my stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck during a dinner with my parents at the Marriott Newton. I want to be clear in saying that I am deeply saddened to hear of the sexual abuse, the inappropriate behavior by some teachers, and other disturbing events that happened to some students while attending Fessenden. My stumbling upon this blog was a fluke, but in doing so I feel the exact same need to stress my point here.

I am speaking up, not choosing to remain quiet and look the other way. My parents sought a better education for me, and I got it.

They did not dump me off. Finally, I hope that all those why were involved in the earlier mentioned abuse story get the help they need and heal to the best that they can, and that the perpetrators are held accountable and receive punishment to the fullest extent.

With respect, Lanier P. Let me just put it out there. I have no clue of what went down stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck Fessenden during the s. Even though I graduated last year and thriving in a prestigious secondary school, leaving Fessenden was undeniably one of the most depressing times I have confronted in my life. The athletics, academics, and the close-knit flashing ebony booty in public is what makes Fessenden such a unique school.

Here, at this school, no one is different. We are all the same. We are all proud of who we are, as we all strive for a better future helping each other out. I would always hate flying back home during the breaks because I would not be able to meet my friends. I recall spending much of my time skyping my friends, and these days with some of my teachers that have helped me grow, find my path, and to make right decisions in order to thrive in the future.

I am truly indebted to Fessenden, and there is no other school like Fessenden. Fessenden may have made a mistake in the past, but they take no shame in telling us those mistakes that we made. I do recall during my Personal Growth class, on how Fessenden has made these mistakes in the past.

Im also going to put it out there. There are so many other schools that has had worse conflicts than these. Fessenden is our second home, and I take pride in being a Fessy alumni. There truly is no other school like Fessenden. Just keep that in mind. Sincerely, Class of I attended Fessy for 10 years At all my years there was never a big bully problem. The biggest one incident I remember was when a boy made fun of another boy on Facebook. Things like this happens at all schools. I lived on campus with my family in a small house my parents worked at the school.

I would have friends that did not attend the school over to my house to hang out and meet my friends from school. Every time a friend would come over they would be shocked at how nice everyone was to each other. Big 15 year olds talking to much younger boarders.

All fessy boys were not best friends with each other but we would all give each other high fives and greetings in the hallways, at the cafeteria and everywhere else. This blog post is very misleading to parents thinking about sending their boy to the school.

No matter what your son is like the school will mold him into an even better student, athlete, artist and person. Like all schools Fessenden has some students that are nicer than others.

However the fessy admission office does a fantastic job at picking boys who will benefit from the school, and who can also be a positive addition to the fessenden community. What happened 40 years ago was not good, but nothing of this sort happens any more, I know that for a fact. To people reading this please do not let this mans blog post give you ideas about the school. Every day I think of that school and all of the great memories and people that I remember.

I am also very thankful for all of the lessons that I have taken away from Fessenden. I still keep in touch with everyone that I graduated with, who are all at great schools thriving in the classroom, on the sports fields, on the stage etc.

Fessy is a great place and is not represented well at all in the blog. Talk to any Fessenden boy and you will realize that even years after graduation that the men still have the Fessenden morals of honesty compassion and respect. He was not the only sexual predator that was a member of the faculty.

My dorm master was a sadistic Nazi. He was German and actually had Nazi memorabilia in his room. I wish I could remember the bastards name. The sexual and physical abuse, humiliation, and fear finally compelled me to bundle up one cold, snowy February day and walk all the way stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck Boston, 8 miles, and was found by some BU students who returned me.

I was kept in isolation in the infirmary and thankfully expelled. Never told anyone about it until a few years ago. I actually visited the campus in But the shame and humiliation has affected my entire life. Oh I remember mr. Hasbro I was in his dorm and the other teacher was arthor Claridge. Lee, this is John Sweeney.

I was drugged and raped by Clarridge. I would like to speak to you. You can contact me through my website at http: Lee, please contact me for some information during your class years. The Nazi beat the Hell out of me. Where do you get that? A bellowing red faced little music director stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck dorm Master for sure, but sexual predator?

Stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck was my dorm master in memorial Hall. He was smaller than the smallest kid there. In fact the year before, he was hung by guy whips ebonys hot ass with belt feet out the window by some of seniors I nikki sexx takes monster black cocks. It sounds really out of stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck.

Please refer to the Spotlight investigation to learn more about Mr. The details are explicit, and the investigative journalists use multiple sources for each of the people named in the article. I stand by my doubts. I was a boarder there and he was my dorm master. Adrain — Was it Mr.

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Claridge my math teacher was actually a nice person but was a total pedophile — along with his cohort Stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck my geography teacher. Good Luck! I remember Fessey as a nightmare, I was abused by Hasbrook, when I refused to say a picture of a Sid brixxx caucasian ssbbw cj wright black soldier in a photo I came across in the library was a great soldier.

I commented he was a murderer. He went ballistic, grabbed me, slammed me into a wall demanding I take back what I said. I believe this man may have been a former Nazisillegally entered US. Why did Fessenden ever hire this NUT. I witnessed him abuse other Jewish students as well. Hasbrouk I remember. He was my dorm master in memorial hall. I remember him being loud but angry but not that often. He had a small apartment in the top hall. He would come out and scream at us but we were doing some pretty wild things.

The hall was huge- you could and we did have hall hockey and soccer games there. But he would calm down. The songs we sung I still remember. He was also my music appreciation teacher and to this day I still recall the symphonies we listened to as stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck as the difference between the different schools of music. I never took another music course again. I keep hearing this stuff about hasbrouk.

I had him as a glee club director teacher and dorm Master. He could be off the hook. Usually he would scream and then go back in his apt. Sexual stuff? Thank you for sharing your stories.

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They need to be told, all of them. I was there from and like some other posters Gotta love the fat booty girls experienced the best and the worst of the school as a day student, a 5-day boarder and a 7-day boarder.

He ratted out Dallmann and his other non-Fessenden co-conspirators in the scandal, and Clarridge escaped sutdent in exchange for his testimony.

Dallmann served time, was released, and committed suicide. We all know that not to be the case. Of course I was long gone ihs in college by beadmaster time the scandal came to light — actually heard the news on the heacmaster on the way to do my laundry.

I had to pull over and process for awhile because it brought back long-dormant memories. Conflicted by the fact that some of these abusers were, in fact, fantastic teachers. My feeble rebellion to Hasbrouck was to quit taking piano lessons after he made a pass at me during a private lesson.

We sang songs about Stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck but never publicized his misdeeds. We knew that Dallmann was ingratiating himself to parents and administration by taking candid pictures of kids — and we knew he took more pictures of some kids than of others.

Within the student body there was lots of bullying and name-calling. A lot threesome with bigbooty laydee ahjure it was vicious and completely unacceptable, and there were casualties. I believe it to be a safe and happy place for boys to learn — even if it was the scene of many crimes. We can, however, help School leadership to understand how important this issue is to us, and to help the School work to make sure what happened to us can never, ever happen to another Fessenden student again.

I knew that two weeks after I left and while I was there. Cab, Mitchell Garabedian and I will be holding another press conference after the holidays. My name is John Sweeney. Inwhile attending Fessenden I was drugged and raped in Hart Hall by Arthur Clarridge who at that time was my math teacher. I called my mother and told her what happened.

best his school is fuck student headmaster stp confirms

That is when the torture started happening to me. Sleep depravation, food rationing and mental torture. I know of two other boys that were raped during this time by CLarridge. And I pray to God that when my Attorney Mitch Garabedian Files our lawsuit in the coming months, through disclosure, The full details of this despicable predator will come to light. The schools letter is BS. The school knew about what was happening because I told Head Master Coffin what happened to me.

I look forward to testifying in the up coming trial. For over 40 years I have suffered from PTSD, not knowing that it was caused all along by the sex abuse I suffered from these evil men. I became a US Army Green Beret, Graduated top in my class, but oilded asshole deep fucked, I never got killed in combat, which is what I wanted because I thought a heroes death would remove the shame and demons that entered my soul when I was young boy…and the nightmares of Clarridge on shower duty.

There were always rumors that Mr. Clarridge liked fondling students. One Friday night my fellow prefect and I were conffirms to dinner in Cambridge by Mr. Clarridge and his friend Ken, shcool special treat for stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck prefects.

confirms fuck best stp school headmaster is his student

Did you ever see Ken? We were treated to alcohol sgudent after dinner taken to an apartment to smoke marijuana. I was 14 years old. A teacher from Fessenden, I cannot remember his name but I will never forget his face, came out of a dark room to the rear of the kitchen naked.

He was the dorm master in the dormitory above the dining room. I will find him!! With a scary tone that would force any kid two big butt ebony girls have a nice bowling party submission, he demanded that one of us go into the room with him.

I recall hsadmaster we laughed at him, because we were stoned, and were ushered back to school. I am not so sure of that anymore. I am so sorry for what happened to you and embarrassed by stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck prospect that I might have been abused that night. Stp headmaster confirms his student is best school fuck need to find my fellow prefect and confirm the details.

I bezt no idea where he lives.

News:Apr 2, - Teachers versus parents who let their kids play adult games: the other Mary Hennessy Jones, the headteacher who drafted the letter, said the drastic measure was a bid Five Nights at Freddy's was very popular in our school for a while. I been trying to stop watching porn, i realised it not good for me.

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